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Lisbon City Property – Luxury Lisbon Real Estate For Sale

Lisbon is a Magic city apart from the rest of Portugal! Luxury Lisbon real estate for sale is one of the hotter commodities of Lisbon Property for sale in Lisbon. The constant presence of sunshine and the River Tagus transforms the Portuguese capital into a mirror of a thousand colors, highlighting the city’s unique architecture and beauty. Lisbon is the best city to live, visit and invest in Europe which makes Lisbon real estate for sale a HOT commodity!

Lisbon’s  unique lifestyle offers an amazing environment and incredibly affordable prices when compared to other capital cities in Europe, is making more and more people from all over the World seeking for Properties for sale in Lisbon. To live, to invest, Portugal is by far the best choice to make a property investment and why not in Lisbon, its capital?

In terms of Lisbon Real Estate Investment, Lisbon has grown like no other region in the country. Lisbon real estate for sale is something every person should look into!

According to the report published by PwC and ULI (Urban Land Institute) called “Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2017”, Lisbon is part of the Top 10 of best locations to invest in real estate at the European level, staying at the 7th position!

Lisbon Real Estate - Lisbon Property For Sale In Lisbon

“Lisbon exploded in the top 10 of emerging trends mainly due to its status in the considered market yet having much more room for growth. Funds and large investors can find assets in a city where yields are higher than in other European capitals, and there is potential for good returns if they are willing to accept some risk”, says the report by PwC and ULI (Urban Land Institute) about the Portuguese capital.

Lisbon real estate for sale has become incredibly amazing because of having 300 days of sunshine throughout the year! In Lisbon, it’s always warm! Rarely having snow and very few rain falls throughout the year. Lisbon is known for temperatures that ever reach negative. Lisbon is a truly blessed city for many reasons such as the weather.

It’s great living in a place where you can have beach days in October or March and where you can sit comfortably outside at a café terrace in the peak of winter and this is a huge reason for the massive market in Lisbon Property For Sale to attract people towards the Lisbon real estate for sale market!

Lisbon Real Estate - Lisbon Property For Sale In Lisbon

Lisbon officially has the lowest homicide rate of any European capital and the lowest number of residents who have been victims of any crime in the previous five years, making it Europe’s safest capital!
The airport is within 15 minutes of downtown. linked to a modern transport network as subway, bus, and taxis.

Portugal is in the Top 10 best roads network in the World!
and there are new world-class research centers (such as the Champalimaud Foundation which helped Portugal become the 4th country in the OECD with the biggest rate of researchers in the fields of science and engineering).
Unlike in the rest of southern Europe, you’ll find that in Lisbon there’s a sizable multilingual population, with 42% speaking two languages (especially English) and 23% speaking at least three.

Europe’s Best Tourist Destination

Cruise Destination

City Break at the World Travel Awards




Buy Lisbon Property For Sale In Lisbon  – Buy Flats For sale in Lisbon

When it comes to trying to buy property in Lisbon for sale or any other region in Portugal the purchase process is simple and pretty quick. However, in Lisbon due to its historical protecting laws, the city and its records age then sometimes it can take a bit more in areas as Santa Catarina, Alfama and Sé but never more then 2/3 weeks.

There are a few rules for construction or refurbishing in those protected areas. Modifications, like changing the windows size/design or facades of the property/building are not allowed as they would compromise the street environment and city character. We are experts which is why we recommend to contact us personally to buy property in Lisbon for sale.

Lisbon has a thriving and hot investment property market to buy property in Lisbon for sale! To buy property in Lisbon for sale is highly encouraged because the prices are comparatively lower than in other cities in Europe.

However, you could snag on many legal and bureaucratic difficulties if you’re not advised by a reputable Property agent or a lawyer to avoid the hassle which is why you should call us today if you’re looking to buy property in Lisbon for sale!

Making the decision to Invest in Lisbon property is very exciting. Regardless of whether this is to be a vacation home, a buy-to-let investment, a building or a home, it is important you approach every stage of the process carefully by an AMI licensed Real Estate agency as lawyer.

Lisbon Real Estate - Lisbon Property For Sale In Lisbon

Buy Flats For Sale in Lisbon

To buy flats for sale in lisbon is not that easy these days as the stock is running out and the demand getting bigger each year.

In our days, the buyers are not just the nationals anymore but almost half come from abroad to have a second home in Lisbon which makes it hard to buy flats for sale in Lisbon!


To buy flats for sale in lisbon, people are in it for the unique investment opportunity that a flat in Lisbon can represent.

When we speak about tourism in Lisbon, we speak on the most demanded city in Europe by worldwide tourists visiting the continent.

Having a year occupancy rate bigger then 80% and an average 100USD$/night, guarantees a 10% investment return per year.

Of course not everyone looking to buy flats for sale in Lisbon has the Investment propose on their mind but still those are making a safe and considerably good investment as Lisbon Properties are raising between 5% and 8% per year.

If you’re looking to buy flats for sale in Lisbon, contact us and we will work with you to make it work!

Lisbon Property for sale

The best properties for sale in Lisbon are handled by the most fact proven realty players in town since the market is very active and invaded by all kind of freelancers and amateurs trying to deliver a service for what they were not trained.

The property owners are well aware with whom they should work with to avoid losing time or headaches for the customer in the process of buying Lisbon property for sale. Keeping the buyers objectives in mind, we provide their dream property in a timely fashion!  The owner has exactly the same expectation in terms of  efficacy and speed when he decides to place his property on the market.

When with the right agency, the owner knows he will sell very quickly and to qualified clients! We have allowed some customers to obtain Lisbon property for sale in as little as the same week.

Portugal Prime is one of the biggest real estate agencies operating in Lisbon to bring Lisbon property for sale! We are partners with all relevant agencies in the city, what gives us the ability to provide any Lisbon property for sale. We bring the very best Lisbon property for sale to you by having access to the very best Lisbon property and Lisbon real estate for sale!

Our goal is to understand in perfection the clients needs and presenting all of what the Lisbon real estate market has to offer! Inside the requirements from there and together with the client, we shortlist the most adequate options saving time to everyone.

Buy Apartments, Houses, Homes & Luxury Villas For Sale in Lisbon

Lisbon´s property and tourist market are experiencing an expected and deserved exponential growth, with tourists exceeding rooms availability since 2014.
Lisbon tourism has seen a overwhelming growth as the city become the top destination in Europe and waned several major distinctions what made the city even more popular worldwide such as the following:

  • Europe’s Leading Cruise Destination 2016
    Europe’s Leading Cruise Port 2016
    Europe’s Leading Cruise Destination 2014
    Europe’s Leading Cruise Port 2014
    Europe’s Leading City Break Destination 2013
    Europe’s Leading City Break Destination 2010
    Europe’s Leading City Break Destination 2009
    Europe’s Leading Cruise Destination 2009
    Europe’s Leading Destination 2009

The huge demand for tourist apartments in Lisbon created a great investment opportunity.

With the high yields given to the investor and the chance of getting around 7% back per year from his investment.

That’s correct the average investment in Lisbon focused on the short term market and if with all the thrills and location can reach yields as high as 15%, now that’s not very common in the real estate market anywhere in the world and its only possible because of Lisbon´s tourism rate of occupancy higher than 80%.

There are also several options on the market where a guaranteed fixed income is agreed and the developer keeps on managing the property after the sale focused on foreign investment needs that due to longevity prefer to avoid the hassle and handover the  property management and get a contract guaranteed fixed income.

The guests want to experience the character and charm of the old buildings and historical city centre Lisbon apartments. This is why more and more tourist prefer to stay in tourist apartments in the historical city center. Staying in a character apartment allows guests to experience the local culture and to have more privacy. It also saves them money as a two-bedroom apartment can sleep up to six guests, which starts to makes financial sense when compared to a hotel where you cant even cook so your obliged to eat out the whole time. Local and International brand hotels have come to realize that the trend is “boutique apartments Lisbon” and character. Lisbon, has as a result, witnessed many dilapidated residential buildings transformed into beautifully renovated boutique hotels throughout the historical center of Lisbon.

  • 5th Safest country in the wold
  • Best weather in Europe
  • Best prices in Europe
  • Best beaches in Europe
  • Population speaks English
  • Welcoming/Warmest people in the world
  • Multicultural and happy city

Students from all over the world are flying to study in the Europe´s trendiest city under several interesting programmes such as Erasmus programme.
This youth brought action and spice to the old typical neighbourhoods where new restaurants, shops ,leisure areas are popping up and having huge success.
Refurbishing apartments in this areas its also a wise investment as offer cant
The Golden Visa Lisbon and Non-Habitual Tax Resident Lisbon program’s measures to incentive the property investment were also a great help for the overwhelming demand for new (renovated) properties in the historical Lisbon properties (but not limited to), which we refer to as the “gold-rush”.
The Golden Visa Program Portugal grants non-European citizens, that invest 500.000 € or more into property, a Residency Visa Portugal, which allows them to travel freely throughout Europe in all the Shengen zone.

Nationality is also possible after 5 years.
The Non-Habitual Tax Residency Portugal program grants citizens currently domiciled in any country with a dual taxation treaty with Portugal, that become fiscally resident in Portugal a 10-year ZERO tax break on their income. The program is a huge opportunity for countries like the Scandinavian or French where taxes can be abusive and naturally is bringing a lot of investors worldwide considering the 0% tax unique worldwide.

Buy Apartments for sale in Lisbon

When it comes to buy apartments for sale in Lisbon, people tend to think that they will easily find them on some website or by entering on a normal real estate agency in Lisbon however the best opportunities are not strongly advertised or even have any online presence.
But guess what, they are not.

For obvious reasons, stock is running out and it starts being rare to find a special option or a great bargain however the ones that are still existing we know them..

Portugal Prime is expert in the whole country from Minho to the Algarve but even more in Lisbon where our board and main team is born and raised.
Trust us, we know each corner of the city and all apartments for sale in Lisbon!

Unlike some foreign companies operating in the market, we do not overprice properties or mislead you in to some non sense option, we only list quality apartments and for the right price!

We are only happy when your happy, our promise to you is that we will only present apartments for sale inside requirements and not to fool with your time.

Tell us what is your goal when you seek to buy apartments for sale in Lisbon.

Is it to live, to invest?

Any preferred location or thrill?

Homes For Sale in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the best cities to live in the entire world and to have your home located in. Lisbon real estate for sale & Lisbon property for sale brings a higher quality of living. We provide the best Homes For Sale in Lisbon and we specialize in taking care of our clients needs!

You can live in so many places in the world but you will never live in a city with the characteristics of Lisbon.

You can live in a location with same weather conditions but that will be in south america or Africa and you won’t have the same infrastructures, variety or safety.

Can live in a very clean and safe city like Geneve or Bruxels but you will for sure miss the 300 sunny days and all the lifestyle a city like Lisbon has to offer.

Having homes for sale in Lisbon is also having a home 2 hours away flying from any main European city and geographically speaking in the center of the World.

Lisbon was once the capital of the biggest empire that ever lived in human history! The Europe bridge to Africa and to America. Lisbon Property is the prime market for Lisbon real estate for sale and we will help you with it including obtaining a Lisbon Golden Visa! Give us a call now!

A city full of history and at same time very modern as any other metropolis in the world having all kind of services as things to visit and to do.


Visit our properties to find the perfect Homes for sale in Lisbon!


Houses For Sale in Lisbon

No matter what kind of house you are looking for, from a tiny touristic unit in Central Lisbon to a big villa in the Lisbon cost, we will find the best houses for sale in Lisbon.

All Houses for sale in Lisbon listed by us have to obey to certain patterns and rules so that we do not have bad surprises as not known mortgages or any kind of legal or fiscal issues, that way we save everyone’s time.

We learned that the best way to present the properties to the buyer is by hearing his needs and combine those with whats available in the market and only then booking the visits.

We are not just showing you random houses for sale in Lisbon but a special portfolio made by the best professionals in the city.

Lets talk about the houses for sale in Lisbon in more detail, by chat, email or even better we can call you anytime.

Check out our Houses For Sale in Lisbon

Luxury Villas For Sale in Lisbon


When it comes to Luxury Villas for sale in Lisbon we immediately take you to the beautiful Lisbon Coast where the best Villas are located. Luxury Villas for sale in Lisbon is one of the highest sought after villas in the world!

Considered the Portuguese riviera because of its amazing characteristics and lifestyle which makes Luxury Villas for sale in Lisbon that much better!

The richest location in Portugal is 20 minutes away from the Lisbon Center but with the best beaches in Europe as it’s neighbors and the best restaurants and services in the country.

From the most western extreme point in Europe, Cascais to Belem is where we find the most luxury villas for sale in Lisbon.

Always properly built in prime locations, these villas tend to have big gardens, swimming pools and of course plenty of space.

Locations like Cascais, Estoril, Oeiras, Parede or Carcavelos are where the best International School and University are located!


Luxury Villas For Sale in Lisbon is one of the best real estate properties you can obtain in 2016. People are always looking for the gorgeous luxury villas for sale in Lisbon and that’s why we bring you the very best Lisbon luxury villas!


Check out our properties section to view Luxury Villas For Sale in Lisbon!


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