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12 Reasons To Leave Your Country For Lisbon [Right Now]

Lisbon is one of the most fascinating places to live in the entire world. There aren’t many places that are better when it comes to enjoyable lifestyles. Lisbon has such a beautiful climate, location, beach and friendly culture. Every person should at least travel to Lisbon, Portugal at least one time in their lifetime to experience the things I’m going to show you throughout this post.


  1. The European Climate

    The weather in Lisbon is referred to as travel weather. Lisbon is a place that you want to travel when you’re going to take your family somewhere. Snow is rare, rain is uncommon and the sun is shining most of the year.

  2. Incredible Seafood

    Lisbon has some incredible seafood! The restaurant that we recommend is Cervejaria Ramiro which is a prominent seafood place inside of Lisbon.

  3. The Gorgeous Beach & Villas

    Lisbon has some gorgeous beaches and it’s one of the reasons that Portugal is such a big attraction for travelers. There are some absolutely beautiful locations in Portugal. Here are a few of our favorite ones. There are some absolutely gorgeous Villas for sale in Lisbon and Lisbon Apartments.Estoril & Cascais Coastline

    Serra De Sintra Coastline

    Costa Da Caparica Coastline

    Serra Da Arrabida Coastline

    Sao Pedro Do Estoril Beach

    Carcavelos Beach

  4. Incredible Seven Hills ViewsSeven Hills view is one of the best views that you will get in the entire world. This is a must-see place for anyone in the world that loves incredible sight seeing.
  5. The Culture Is SpectacularThe culture in Portugal is very unique. They are very influenced by foreign cultures and there is a very good energy around the Lisbon streets. There are always an abundance of events, museums, music and other diverse things inside the culture.
  6. The Sport FootballPortugal has a growing passion for the sport of football and it makes it a blast to be a part of. Any football lovers should experience a game in Portugal with the local fans!
  7. Prodigy Wine & CoffeeLisbon has some of the very best coffee in the entire world. Passion drinks are a reason in itself to visit the area but you’ll have beautiful surroundings to enjoy your drink with!
  8. Fantastic Food For Basically NothingInside of Lisbon, you can get some fantastic food for basically nothing. It’s a great balance of value and price that makes the location even more enjoyable.
  9. One Of The World’s Greatest Aquarium’sThe Lisbon Oceanarium is one of the best aquariums in the world and it’s an incredible experience to go through! We highly recommend going here if you visit this amazing place!
  10. Fun Shopping ExperienceAmoreiras Shopping Center is one of the first shopping locations in Lisbon and it’s got a unique style. You can find some very interesting merchandise in Lisbon which makes it fun for anyone traveling to the area.
  11. Spectacular Fairy-Tale FortressSintra and Cascais have an incredible castle tour that is a MUST see for anyone visiting the location.
  12. Incredibly Cheap Living AreaLisbon is one of the cheapest places to retire in the entire world. The average cost of living is only of the lowest you can get for a location this good!

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