Portugal Prime Property Tour – Real Estate Inspection Visit

The property tour idea is that you see the country along with the properties you previously picked to visit.

It will also give you a better knowledge of Portugal Real Estate Market.


We will make sure that you find out what you look for!

Property Tour

hoosing a property abroad, in a country you have never been to before can be confusing and time consuming but we are here to help in all fields.
People from all over the world are choosing to buy property in Portugal not just because of the unique grow conditions but also for the fantastic lifestyle, weather and safety.

Nice photos will never compare to how amazing it is walking on the beach at sunset and to dip your toes in the warm ocean. Do you want to live that dream?,without actually seeing and feeling for yourself you’ll never really know.
Come and visit us!

During the Property tour you will meet experts in different fields relating to Buying a property in Portugal, that will help to round your understanding of buying, selling, renting, and living in Portugal.

How can I book on a Portugal Prime Property Tour and what does the tour include? – Real Estate Inspection Visit

  • As soon as you like, subject to flight availability to and from your destination of Choice.
  • Free Legal advice from an independent Portuguese property Lawyer.
  • All property viewings with chauffeur and agent happy to help you
  • Meetings with Tax advisors & Portuguese Lawyers.
  • Most importantly for the duration of you trip you will receive Expert support, guidance & advice from one of our experienced Property Consultants.

A Portugal tour is very common for people looking to obtain a Portugal property. We have an excellent property tour set up for our customers to come find the perfect property with one of our experts!

If you need to relocate, check out the relocation services. Also, we have incredible property management options at Portugal Prime.