Portugal Relocation Services

Relocation Services – Relocating to Live in Portugal or Lisbon

Moving an employee to a foreign country presents challenges. In many cases these can lead to unnecessary concern for the transferee thinking the move wastes time, resources and effort.

Knowing these concerns, our team helps the employee and his/her family’s acclimatize to the new environment as easily as possible.

Portugal Prime offers a full range of services. We help in anything related to housing: home search, lease negotiation, utilities… we assist during the moving process as well as helping opening bank accounts. We carry local tours showing the expatriate the local neighborhoods, as well as helping parents find good local/international schools. Finally, when the time to leave the country comes, Portugal Prime is also there.

Portugal Prime team knows that they are the first point of reference at a crucial time for the expatriate and his/her family, both professionally and personally. Paying special attention to any cultural and linguistic barrier, we provide personalized and detailed attention, allowing the transferee to focus on his/her new work responsibilities right from the beginning.

To ensure continuous support, an individual counsellor is nominated for each client, providing a seamless experience throughout their move. Regular reports are sent during the transfer.

Portugal Relocation Services - Relocating to Live in Portugal or Lisbon

Relocating to Portugal

Portugal Prime
offers bespoke relocation services that take into consideration each client’s individual requirements. From the first contact we aim to provide a personalized service that puts the client’s needs and expectations first.

Understand your needs and expectations

From the client’s very first contact with us they will be assigned a case manager with private telephone number who will as far as possible be responsible for all aspects of their relocation.

Arranging your first trip to Portugal

  • Reserve hotel / short term rental accommodation for your visit.
  • Make any other arrangements necessary – childcare, transport etc etc.
  • Prepare and present an itinerary which will enable you to get the most out of your visit.

Accommodation / housing search

  • Make a pre-selection of properties based on the client’s brief and send details of these properties to the client.
  • In agreement with the client prepare a short list of properties and arrange accompanied visits to these properties.
  • Advise on and assist with preparation of contracts.
  • Organize removals / utilities / telephone / internet / satellite television / cleaner / gardener etc.
  • Inspect the property prior to the client moving in and assistance on move day.

Welcome meeting / Orientation tour

  • Meet the client at the airport if necessary and accompany the client to his accommodation.
  • Organize a brief orientation tour of the city.
  • Provide the client with any initial information necessary to make their first trip as useful as possible.


  • Introduction to approved lawyers who can assist with obtaining residency permits / visas etc
  • Arranging health / home / car insurance
  • Opening Spanish bank accounts
  • Registering with the client’s national consulate


  • Recommendation of suitable schools and arranging accompanied visits
  • Recommendation of social / sporting clubs
  • Language schools and private tutors
  • Recommendation of childcare
  • Our on the ground knowledge allows us to recommend ‘Barcelona’s best’ – beauty treatment, shopping, food and wine, restaurants etc


Our legal team specializes in immigration to Portugal in a quick and efficient way.

Our lawyers assess and manage all aspects of obtaining work and residence visas, both for the employee and any members of their family.

Our main strength: flawless knowledge of local immigration law as well as knowing the precise procedure to follow in each case. This guarantees visas as quickly as possible.

Some of Portugal Prime main services in immigration:

• Visa applications and renewals

• Work and residence permits

• Driving License registration/ exchange

• Vehicle imports

• Town Hall registrations
• Consulate registrations
• European Registration Certificate (Foreign Identity Number)
• Fiscal number obtaining


• Social Security registration
• Family reunification
• Legalization, notarized and apostilled document
• Health Centre Registration
• European Health Card obtaining
• Luggage certificate document
• Parish Certificate obtaining
• Birth/Marriage Certificate
• Criminal Certificate
• Nationalities
The other services that we provide are property management and a property tour.