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Property For Sale in Portugal

Portugal Prime takes pride in offering the best Villas in the Portugal as the best Lisbon Real estate opportunities. Get the very best property for sale in Portugal with the experts at Portugal Prime! Property For Sale in Portugal

Non Habitual Residency

Portugal is a tax haven for your retirement. Foreign Pensioners can reside and collect their retirement  in Portugal entirely tax free. Portugal guarantees the zero tax status to newcomers for ten years.Property For Sale in Portugal

Portugal Golden Visa

Obtaining a Portugal Golden Visa through Portugal Property purchases is quite easy and Fast with us. Due to our experience and deligency we can guarantee the European residency and Nationality in 6 months or less!.  Golden Visa.Property For Sale in Portugal

Lisbon Real Estate

Lisbon is a Magic city apart from the rest, The constant presence of sunshine and the River Tagus transforms the Portuguese capital into a mirror of a thousand colors - highlighting the city’s unique architecture and beauty. Lisbon is the best city to live, visit and invest in Europe.

Portugal Real Estate

Lisbon Coast/Cascais

Considered the Portuguese Riviera, the richest and finest part of the country. Where the best services, International schools, marinas, and casinos are located. The privilege of living next to the best beaches in the country just outside the Lisbon City Center is abundant with benefits.

Property For Sale in Portugal


Algarve is located in the south of the country where the Mediterranean and African warm winds are always present, the highest temperatures in Europe combined with the Atlantic breeze is something very unique that you can taste while living in the beautiful Algarve.

Property For Sale in Portugal